People tend to connect with animals in deep ways that positively affect their lives. The bond created between humans and pets is indisputable.

Pets are loyal and non-judgmental, loving and tend to be terrific listeners. Whether you realize it or not our furry companions can affect your human well being including increased relaxation and decreased anxiety in today’s stressful climate.

Our founder and President Heather has more then 16 years of nutritional research in the pet industry. She strives on a daily basis to deliver and maintain the most recent nutritional information for your pet.

Critter Corral, Inc. is a Health and Wellness Facility designed for Pets.We have two locations to offer you and your pets the services needed to maintain a healthy life for your furry friends.

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What's New at Critter:

About Harvest Stacks

Do you have a Guinea Pig, Rabbit or Chinchilla??

Did you know that their diet should consist of at least 75% hay each and every day.

Now introducing Oxbow Animal Health Small Animal Harvest Stacks!!!!

They consist of the same hand selected Oxbow Western Timothy a name you can trust.

  • 80% Less Dust
  • No binders, just 100% all natural hay
  • Space-Saving  Takes up less space the loose hay
  • 3 Varieties to choose from