Happy New Year to the Critter Corral Family!

With each new year we all find ourselves reflecting on the past and looking at the future for the opportunities and changes that it will bring. I have had the pleasure of spending the last 20 years of serving the Critter Corral family with the best quality products and nutrition at our store, and best and most caring pet care at our resort. I always strived to be the best and provide the best possible care and service for you and your pets.
As many of you know, 4 years ago I took on another challenge of establishing a service dog training program, Tails of Valor, to provide relief for our US military veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI. As I have become more involved in working with our Veterans I have seen that the need for help is immense. As well, I have seen the amazing results of animal assisted therapy and service dog pairing with Veterans suffering from these issues. In doing so, I find that Tails of Valor continues to occupy more of my time and the demands for room continue to grow.
That being said, I have made the decision to designate the entire facility of Critter Corral Resort to the Tails of Valor program. Effective February 1st 2018, Critter Corral Resort will be closing its doors to the public and dedicating the entire space for training service dogs for our Nations Veterans.
I would like to thank each and every one of you that I have had the opportunity to serve over these past years. I will still be a part of our community, growing relationships within our community, as well as looking into new ventures for business and the support of Tails of Valor.www.tailsofvalor.org