People tend to connect with animals in deep ways that positively affect their lives. The bond created between humans and pets is indisputable.

Pets are loyal and non-judgmental, loving and tend to be terrific listeners. Whether you realize it or not our furry companions can affect your human well being including increased relaxation and decreased anxiety in today’s stressful climate.

Our founder and President Heather has more then 20 years of nutritional research in the pet industry. She strives on a daily basis to deliver and maintain the most recent information for your pet.

Critter Corral, Inc. is a Health and Wellness Exercise Resort Facility designed for your canine.  Our location  offers you and your pets the boarding/daycare services needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your furry friends while you are away.

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Tails of Valor, PAWS of Honor Program

Reconnecting our Veterans to Civilian Life with Non-Medicinal Canine Therapy Programs

What's New at Critter:


Dropping your furry friend to socialize with other humans not in the family pack is great for your dog.  Not only is daycare a relief from boredom, prevention of destructive behavior, and a lessening of owner guilt, but it is a chance for your dog to have fun all day instead of being at home alone.  All of these benefits help to create a strong bond between dog and owner; a relationship that is vitally important in order to ensure that the dog will be a beloved family member for the rest of his life.  Call to day and see if your dog is “daycare suited”.